Acai Berry Pills vs Acai Berry Juice

Acai Berry Pills vs Acai Berry Juice

Seeing that the Acai Berry has risen in popularity so much over the past few years, a staggering amount of people can’t decide on whether to get the Acai Berry Pills or the Acai Berry Juice. Hopefully this article will give your some insight on which one is the best option for you.

The Acai Berry Juices have a much deeper and richer flavor than the pills of course and retains much of its potency. The main reason why the Acai Berry Juice sometimes is praised more than the pills is for its great tasting flavor of the drink. Since it is being served relatively fresh; it keeps many of its nutrients and antioxidants. This makes it far more beneficial than the ordinary pills.

On the other hand, most Acai Berry Juice contains only small amounts of Acai Berry. This is the biggest problem when it comes to juice. Most manufacturers add in other fruit juices and ‘claim’ that it is 100% pure Acai Berry, but will be lucky to even be 10%. So it will practically have no effect, unless of course you drink gallons of it daily.

This is where one of the best options comes in, the 100% Pure Acai Berry supplement. Even though this comes in tablet forms, it is the world’s most potent and pure Acai Berry available in the market today. Not having Pure Acai Berry and only a fraction of it such as is found in juices, will practically have no effect. The quantity is just not big enough!

Think of it like drinking a glass of orange juice, and having an orange flavored vitamin C tablet. Such tablets contain between 250-1000mg of it, while a cup of orange juice will barely even have 50mg. Do you see the difference? In the same way, these pure Acai Berry tablets are made from 100% pure Acai Berries so every milligram is giving you nutrients and helping you to lose weight!  

It’s up to you now to make your choice, you can choose the juice and pretty much feel no difference, or you can try for yourself the 100% Pure Acai Berry tablets. These tablets are the purest, most potent Acai product available in the world market today; missing out here is not really an option.

Do you want to have more energy, be healthier, look younger, lose weight and totally cleanse your body? Pure Acai Berry tablets will help you to achieve the results you desire!

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