Free Acai Berry Pills – Free Trial Scams Exposed

Free Acai Berry Pills – Free Trial Scams Exposed


There are 2 main problems with signing up for free Acai berry pills online…


Because Acai berry works so well, it has become extremely popular, and because of it’s popularity, a lot of companies have started selling it. The problem with this is that a lot of these companies are diluting these pills until they are nothing more than about 25% low grade Acai pulp. The end result is the consumer does not lose any weight or get any increase in energy and so decides to cancel the free trial. But had they worked, the consumer would have gladly kept them and been billed .95 for every bottle they were sent after the first month.


This is where the scam side of things come into it. Most of the companies offering this free acai berry pills trial offer have made it next to almost impossible when it comes to cancelling a free trial offer. In most cases, you the consumer at your own expense, will need to make a non free calling, long distance call in order to cancel your free trial. One lady reportedly waited 72 minutes on hold before her cancellation was handled by an operator. And there are many more cases just like this occurring more and more every day.


The most important thing is to buy from a reputable or recommended source. Also cancellation should be as easy as possible and should not require expense on your behalf in any way. The genuine companies will allow you to email your cancellation and it will be stopped immediately.

Since their rapid rise in popularity, free acai berry pills are being offered as a 14 day free trial everywhere you look these days. Given the fact that most Acai berry pills do actually work for most people, suppliers offering these free trials count on the fact that you will lose a decent amount of weight within those first 14 days and decide not to cancel your orders. But whilst the thought of a bottle of free Acai berry pills is appealing, trying to cancel an order through some of these suppliers can be anything but.

For a free trial bottle of Acai Berry Tablets, one of the purest and most potent forms of Acai berry extract on the market today just Click Here. If you are not totally satisfied with the potency of these tablets and what they do for you then you can instantly cancel by email.

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