Which Should I Choose? Acai Berry Pills or Acai Berry Juice?

Which Should I Choose? Acai Berry Pills or Acai Berry Juice?

With supplements today coming in so many different forms it can be tough for people to determine whether or not acai berry pills are the best way to get their supplements. For a long time, pills were the go to way to get your healthy boosts. You could go to any supplement aisle and see shelves with hundreds of bottles of pills all along the racks. And the reason for this was convenience. You could pop a pill and get 100% of your vitamin or nutrients for the day, just like that. But now you may be noticing some more appealing options in the supplements section. There are health bars covered in chocolate and juices to blend into smoothies. All of these new options are playing toward one thing: your palate.

Let’s face it, people love to eat delicious snacks. So the best way to get people to eat healthy, or at least the best way to sell healthy foods, is to cover them in our favorite flavors like salts and sugars. Acai berry is still a fairly new supplement to the American market, but it has already received the full treatment. While fresh acai berry is out of reach, you can find acai berry drinks and ice creams and all sorts of appetizing options. But do these options really offer you the same bang for your buck that you expect from a health supplement?

Let’s look at acai berry juice first. While it seems like a great way to get your acai berry benefits, you may be getting more than you bargained for. Acai berry isn’t proven to help with weight loss but many people take it as a supplement while they are on a weight loss program. However, these juices may also contain sugars or other fillers that can have a negative impact on your results. And how much acai berry are you actually getting when you buy the bottles of juice? You may spend a lot of money on juice and only get a fraction of the actual product that you get from acai berry pills. That is because the juice is more often diluted, rather than concentrated like the pills.

As you can now see, taking the pill form of acai supplements can give you a more complete daily dosage of supplement ? without any added sugars or chemical coloring which you are likely to find in food supplement options. A single pill has pretty much everything that you need for your daily dose of acai. And even if you aren’t too concerned of the concentration, you’d still likely be concerned about the cost. More supplements don’t come cheap and acai isn’t any different. So for the same amount of money, you could be getting more nutrients from a bottle of pills than acai berry juices which may contain the added ingredients of water, sugar and possibly other fillers.

The advantages of acai berry juice over acai pills are evident at first glance. Juices are delicious and can be taken leisurely over breakfast. But if you take a closer look at the acai pill supplements however, you’ll see that it has a lot more benefits as they offer you your complete dosage of nutrients for the day. So when you ask yourself whether acai berry pills or acai berry juice is better, consider these things.

Despite all the benefits of acai berry capsules, it continues to be a personal choice which form of the supplement you take, but any form of the supplement is better than not taking at all. Visit our site to learn more about acai supplements and how they can keep you in good health!

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