ACAI BERRIES?! :))))))?

Question by Lorin L: ACAI BERRIES?! :))))))?
This pill seems to be one of the best selling weight loss supplements.
&Most effective (so i’ve heard).

I have a few questions though

-Does anybody have any success stories from using acai berries? If so, how long did it take you to lose however much you lost and what additional diets/workouts/etc did you do?

-did you gain the weight back when you stopped using it?

-&i’m worried that if i use it and lose weight, my body will look all flabby because it wouldn’t be toned.

please explain!

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Answer by d_taishin
I know nothing of a weight loss supplement using Acai Berries.

But I do know that they are delicious, and have some cleansing effects that can help promote the movement of waste. (Or so I’ve heard.)

However, as with any weight loss supplement, you must excersize, otherwise you’re tossing money out the window. Because they are created to help boost metabolism, followed by dieting and excersizing, they will help shed pounds.

However, they do not always work, sometimes a decent diet and a fair amount of excersize will do the trick.

And as always there will be some flabby skin, excersizing can help tone this down, but sometimes there is still a bit of flab.

Best of luck.

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