ACAI BERRY???????????????????????????????

Question by Bell Prisco: ACAI BERRY???????????????????????????????
I have just started taking Acai berry as I ahem heard it is good for energy and speeding up your metabolism…. When do you see the effects of it…??? Has anyone had an experiences with it…. If so what are they?
May I just add that I have a very healthy lifestyle and am not obese and I exercise on a regular basis but am naturally curvy and not size 0. I thought if I was a little thinner I would love myself a little more and saw Acai berry as a slight confidance boost.

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Answer by Mark
The only “effect” you can reasonably expect to see from Acai berry is your wallet will get thinner!

It is a delicious berry, but it won’t make you thinner, cure cancer, or regrow your hair; millions of people eats tons of acai every day in Brazil (where it plays a similar role there as vanilla does in the US), yet folks in Brazil have RISING rates of obesity, cancer and baldness.

If you paid for any you have been “had”, if you read the packaging carefully it even SAYS on it that acai does nothing…

If you have cancer, use medicine and surgery; if you are too fat, quit eating so much and get more exercise!

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