Brazilian Acai Berry – Info About Acai Berries – The Brazilian Acai Berry. This video covers where the acai is primarily grown, and even how consuming acai berries is good for the environment.

AMAZON The word that stands for GREATNESS, STRENGHT AND NATURE. And one-fourth of the oxygen in the entire world is produced by the Amazon rain forests. They’re known as “the lungs of the earth.” An ecosystem protecting an earth’s biological treasures. More than 10 million species of plants, animals and insects live in the forest. The Amazon contains the largest collection of living plants, species animals on earth. Evergreen as far as the eyes can see, at least 3000 edible fruits are hidden here. The natives used 2000 of these. Only 200 fruits are available in the West. The natural healing power of theses treasures of the Amazons has not gone unnoticed in the scientific world and those who seek the fountain of youth. The US National Cancer Institute said that 70% of these 3000 plants that are active are found in the rain forest. Today 20% of the western pharmaceutical ingredients are found in the Amazon rainforest. The Amazon is still largely undiscovered. In the heart of the forest ……….stands the tallest palm tree in the world. And from that tree comes the most grand treasure…..the small, round, dark violet berry….the ACAI berry. Because acai palms are the tallest trees in the Amazon and provide shade for the other vegetation, they’ve learned to adapt to absorb more solar radiation than other plant sin the forest. And because the rain forest is, in fact rain forest, acai palms must survive flood conditions that often leave their trunks under water for days and
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