Q&A: Acai Berry???????????????????

Question by PiNk!: Acai Berry???????????????????
I am going to try Acai Berry fresh.
But not the diet, the cleanse.
which is supposed to clear your stomach off all junk.
along with it i am going to take the Acai Berry fat burning thing,
its is just supposed to help clear your digestive tract and burn calories.

To everyone who has tried the Acai Berry Diet or the Cleanse, is it worth it?

or should i try slimquick!?!!?! (the pill)

thanks! <3Best answer:

Answer by Lindsey F
I’ve never tried the Acai cleanse, but I take a product called MonaVie which offers the Acai Berry as it’s top ingredient. Also it holds the patent on freeze drying the berry so it is the most potent form on the market. Taking the MonaVie juice has lowered my appetite a lot & I’ve also lost about 6 lbs. My husband has lost 22 lbs. in only 5 weeks. If you are interested email me & I can tell you how to get it! Also, I’ve never tried Slim Quick. I would try natural things first, then pills!!

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