Does Acai Berry Really Work For Weight Loss? An Objective View Of The Acai Berry Diet Craze

Does Acai Berry Really Work For Weight Loss? An Objective View Of The Acai Berry Diet Craze

Does Acai Berry Really Work For Weight Loss? An Objective View Of The Acai Berry Diet Craze

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Home Page > Health > Supplements & Vitamins > Does Acai Berry Really Work For Weight Loss? An Objective View Of The Acai Berry Diet Craze

Does Acai Berry Really Work For Weight Loss? An Objective View Of The Acai Berry Diet Craze

Posted: Jul 17, 2010 |Comments: 0
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Is it possible in the age of weight-loss miracles to be unfamiliar with the wonders of Acai [pronounced ah-sigh-ee] berry? Probably not. The diminutive fruit has become a rash all over the internet.. promoted, as it is, with a jaw-dropping list of benefits. The scenario is disturbingly familiar.
Just how much truth lies behind all the Acai berry diet claims? Very little I’m afraid. Notwithstanding the craze this tropical fruit spawned a decade ago – a craze that led the inevitable profit stampede – the fact remains: there is no serious evidence that Acai berry is anything more than a healthy, natural food.

Fact and reason, however, count for little against something that is ‘in’, or better still..‘cool’. In fact Acai berry is Extra Cool. Why? It lives in the tops of palm trees that are found deep in the Amazon rainforest, and is held to be dense with magical properties. Nowadays anything Amazon is, at least, cool. Popular culture awes us with its mysteries. It teaches us reverence for its hidden treasures of health benefits and medical cures. What could resonate more strongly in the popular imagination.. than an overweight quick-fix from nature’s own dispensary, especially one adorned with the smiling faces of celebrities. Such nostrums cannot easily be dismissed.. can they?

‘Superfood’ status was a done deal for Acai berry when word of its exotic heritage and miraculous qualities began to spread in the 1990s. The craze soon built to critical mass, and ignited an explosion that still echos across the fad diet world.
It would take Herculean effort to enumerate the Acai berry lies, nonsense, bogus sites, and ripoffs that now pollute the web.

Particularly irksome is a recent story by “health and diet writer Julia Miller of the News 7 team”, whom, we are told, “tested” Acai berry, and then claimed to lose 30 lbs in 28 days with “acai + colon cleanse + liquiboost”. [Nonsense, and lies]. In fact, the only way to lose 30 lbs of fat in 28 days is to amputate something]
This same story appears, in different flavors, on phony health news sites. Examples:,,,,,,,… Some of these sites are similar in name and appearance, most ascribing to “Julia Miller” stock images that clearly depict different women. Other sites attribute similar stories to phantom female reporters with various names and faces.

This is a clear warning to consumers that these sites are fraudulent.

Not surprisingly, I could find no evidence that “Julia Miller” exists. It’s safe to say that Julia Miller, like the other “health reporters”, is an invented personality, a marketing tool used to dupe people with phony reports of Acai health benefits. Nothing new here.

What, then, can truthfully be said about the Acai berry ‘superfood’ myth?

1] no scientific evidence supports Acai berry diet testimonials or any of the claims of Acai berry promoters.

2] independent experts agree: no credible evidence suggests that extraordinary health benefits derive from use of Acai berry products.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest [CSPI], a respected consumer advocacy group, notes the following: “there is no evidence, whatsoever, that Acai can promote weight loss, flatten tummies, cleanse colons, enhance libido, or perform any of the commonly claimed functions”

I believe it is time for responsible people to alert consumers to health and weight loss frauds, like Acai berry, and to the predators who profit from them

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Michael Merry
About the Author:

Michael Merry: Canadian entrepreneur, author, mentor, and regular Joe. Former civil servant, chemist, and nuclear radiation analyst. When time permits I pursue interests in science, health, astronomy, history, international relations, nature, Jack Russell Terriers

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