Protein Powder Questions & Answers

Protein Powder Questions & Answers

Protein Powder Questions & Answers

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Home Page > Health > Nutrition > Protein Powder Questions & Answers

Protein Powder Questions & Answers

Posted: Apr 19, 2010 |Comments: 0
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Am i older ample to drink protein shakes and protein powder and how can I capture bigger?
i am 14 years old i am going to be a freshman next year surrounded by high school and plan on playing sports i weigh 135lbs and im 5ft 10 beside shoes on i play football and play Dline…

Amount of protein powder for 14 year behind the times?
hey, i have been working out and my friends use protein powderi am planning to use it to, merely pure protein, no added flavours etc.will this make me fat/ how much should i take within 1 shake ?thanks none food is best at ur age just…

Amway Protein powder during pregnency?
Hi,My wife is just tested positive for pregnency. :)I have hear that the Amway Protein Powder is a good product for pregnent woman. So i want to to know is it advisable to use that product? Whats your review about the product.You can find the product detail below.High protein content, convenient…

Another qu. in connection with the whey protein powder – could i cook it near something instead of drinking it?
i will try the suggestions given on my last question…thankfulness for that guys.. but does anyone know any food/desert recipes i could maybe use this revolting taste vanilla powder with?Thanks again for the suggestions ­čÖé much…

Any great protein powders?
I work out every week and I’m trying to build muscle. I’m looking for a great chocolate flavored whey protein powder. Does anyone know of any great brands out there? Wal mart body fortress brand is a good protein, bite good and is only around 14 bucks. Do work son…

Any Ideas for puree stage and powder protein after gastric bypass?
I had my surgery on march 3rd and I am starting on puree diet this week. I am amazingly glad that I don’t have to drink more liquid protein but I am humane of confused with the powder protein. Any ideas on how…

Any Ideas on how to craft a protein shake lacking protein powders etc.?
Im just wondering if anyone knows how to sort a protein shake that you can make just by using everyday foods and not protein supplements!Any concept will be appreciated! 1 1/2 cup of milk,1 banana1 cup low fat yogurt2 tablespoons of peanut…

Any lactose free Whey protein cargo gain powder?
I am Lactose Intolerant, but I want to use some Whey Protein power to gain some weight.Do you guys know any kind of lactose free whey protein powerds?thank you! Weight is a problem for oodles people, especially those trying to lose it. I checked out acai berry and…

Any tips on stomaching chocolate whey protein powder?
After months of supplement-free weight training with noticable but dissapointing results, I finally give in and used my graduation money to buy some creatine and whey protein powder. The creatine tasted okay, but the chocolate-flavored protein mix reminded me of a chunky white pills I took when I…

Any well-run protein powder that doesn’t require a blender?
I want to start working out. I’m really thin and would like to build more tone and smaller amount bone. I don’t want to get buff. Are there any appropriate protein powders that are efficient/affordable that don’t require a blender? I’m in college and I only enjoy…

Anybody know something like Body Fortress super advanced whey protein powder?
My brother in law is taking it and it seem to be affecting his personality. he works out every other day but he take it everyday. is that good to do? It would be unusual for a Whey powder to do that.It is after all…

Anyone backing me next to protein powder please ?
we’ll my mum doesn’t believe in protein shakes blah blah and stuff don’t ask > < , I can’t make shakes because i go wrong and doctor said something about it hurting my condition , IS THERE ANY OTHER WAY TO EAT PROTEIN POWDER ? Except…

Anyone know cheap online store to buy whey protein powder isolate and supplements contained by bulk contained by Canada?
When I started training for my first bodybuilding competition last two years ago I did a whole bunch of research on whey protein isolate powders to supplement my nutrition and workouts. I found one of the…

Anyone know more or less protein powders?
i know a fair bit but just researching Whey protein isolate and it say it’s better for after work outs rather than as a meal replacer as it digests contained by 30 mins (does this mean i’ll be hungry quicker? than say something that digests within 2 hours?)i can’t…

Anyone know of a flavorless, common protein powder?
i asking because i just hate the swallow of all the vanilla, chocolate, strawberry ect. flavored ones and they ruin the taste of my smoothies so i want one that taste like nothing. any design? and…does egg protein powder taste like nought? check Source(s): BS Exercise ScienceIFPA…

Anyone know of a honourable protein powder thaat is low carbs and giant amino acids?
want to lose weight and gain at the same time so looking for assist in finding the shake thats right for my aims. My friend I really recomended Syntha 6 you can visit them to , and they have a…

Anyone taking protein powder contained by their diet to lose weightiness?
If so, how is it working? How do you use it in your daily feast planning? I am 60 years old and need to lose weightiness. I’ve talked with my doctor and we’ve talk at length about exercise and diet. I’m…

Anyone tried Syntha-6 protein powder/shake?
How is it different from other whey protein powders/shakes? Does it really taste WAY better? I haven’t, but the best tasting stuff I’ve tried is muscle milk. I be never able to stand the texture and flavor of any shakes I ever tried. This one caught my eye…

Anyone using that unflavoured protein powder on ebay?
there is cheap powder u can buy in bulk on ebay, it is unflavoured, adjectives natural and has no fillers or artificial sweeteners. u can also buy the flavours to attach to it,vanilla,cinnemon and cocao(which has 14-20 times more anti-oxidants than red wine or green tea) and they…

Are adjectives protein powder one and the same regardless of brand?
are all protein powder the same regardless of brand?i.e. are the cheaper brands only as good as the expensive brands? why are some so much more expensive than others, are the quality one and the same, or does it make much difference to buy cheaper…

Are adjectives protein powders duplicate?
I use GNC brand Wheybolic with 60 grams of protein a serving…I browsed thorugh Walmarts selection and found a protein powder that supplies 50 grams of protein a serving….The GNC brand costs me approaching 50 dollars a unit, and the Walmart Five Star brand only costs 20….Should I or should I…

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