Four Steps To loose Weight And Keep It Off

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As I mentioned that everyone of us can loose weight. We can go on a crash
diet and discover we lost a some weight very quickly. But we will soon
discover that we have put the weight back on and perhaps even added a few
more pounds. So what I am going to present to you is 4 steps to follow to
loose weight healthy and to keep it off.

Step 1, Positive Mind Set. The first thing you do when you get our of bed
in the morning and the first thing you do when you go to bed in the evening
is to tell yourself one positive results you are going to receive when you
get to your weight size. You see, you need to start training your mind to
think of the benefits you are going to receive. Example, feeling better
about yourself. People looking at you differently. Having more energy.
More happier. These are all proven results that people who become the weight
they desire experience.

Step 2, Set relistic goals. Do not plan to loose 40 lbs in a month. Find
out from your Doctor what a good weight for you would be. Perhaps you are
bigger boned. Perhaps you are no a size 4 by nature, but a size 8. You do
not want to set yourself for failure. Your Doctor can help you set your
weight size and tell you if the weight you desire is good for you.

Step3, Find from your doctor or Dietitian a healthy deit plan. Like I said,
anyone can loose weight, but to keep weight off and feel healthy is a
different matter. It is very important to have a healthy diet, because our
bodies are engines. If you do not put the proper fuel in a car engine it
will not run properly. The engine will skip and make funny sounds. The same
way with our bodies. Food effects the way we feel. It effects the amount of
energy we have, and it effects our moods and behavior. A dietitan can help
you choose foods that you enjoy and still loose weight. It is not good just
eating food that you consider good for you and you hate each bit you take.
Eating healthy must be eating foods you enjoy.

Step 4, Exercise. You can not keep weight off with out exercise. Have a
exerices program. Do this exercise regulary. Now it is very important when
you set up this exercise program. You may not beable to do it just before
you go to work. You may be rush. Your mind may not be relax. You need to
set this regular program up so that you are able to keep it regularly. A
regular exercise program will only come after many weeks. You may noticed
that each of us have a distinct walk. We developed that walk over years. If
we were to try to change the way we way, it would regurlar a regular practive

daily routine. That is the same way of keep healthy and keeping our weight
off. This program you set up must be made fun and enjoyable.

These were basic guide lines. But these same 4 step will help you or your
child to loose weight. You see, overweight effects the self-esteem of our
young. Overweight effects grades, moods and behavior. If you want more
information on what I have just given you go to my web site it is directed to

the overweight child. You will find many help tips and useful information.

Wayne Coleman
B.A., B.Sc., M.Div