ProShapeRX – Complete Weight Loss Program

ProShapeRX is a revolutionary new weigh loss program. Unlike many other weight loss pills, their commitment to your weight loss program does not end there. ProShapeRX offers along with doctor and herbalist endorsed herbal diet pills, an online exercise program to help you loss fat and gain muscle.

The heart of the ProShapeRX weight loss system is their proprietary, all natural, herbal diet pill. Containing the amazing ingredient, Hoodia Gordonii, the most talked about rapid weight loss herbal weight loss discovery in years. Used by the tribesmen and bushmen of the Kalahari during droughts or long hunts, this amazing cactus extract suppresses the appetite. Every ingredient in the ProShapeRX weight loss pills is natural and both doctor and herbalist approved.

It is known that no diet pill is a silver bullet or a magic wand, so the ProShapeRX Complete Weight Loss System was developed to include both diet and exercise to help you loose the weight fast. Rapid weigh loss is possible, using this system of weight loss pill and complete support.

ProShapeRX contains no ephedra, no additives and no fillers. Instead, the formula uses 100% natural ingredients that works in unison, making these rapid weight loss pills one of the best diet pills on the market.

Also included with the price of each bottle of ProShapeRX is membership in their paid membership program O-Vital. In this section of the website, members will find articles addressing weight loss, diet, and an online weight loss planner for customizing and controlling your weight loss program. Member forums are also offered for extra support as you lose the fat.

The purchase of one to four bottles of this amazing rapid weight loss pill, will allow membership into the program O-Vital Lite. The purchase of more than four bottles gets the dieter into the full program where they can access every thing in the lite program, plus recipes, a training and workout program along with exercise videos. Membership in the O-Vital Plus program is a $35.00 value, but is offered free with the purchase of ProShapeRX.

The ProShapeRX Complete Weight Loss System is rated Number One by many online diet pill review websites. Because they offer a full system, including diet and exercise, customers feel that the system offers more than just selling a simple diet pill.

ProShape RX is endorsed by both medical and herbal professionals and the company is a member of several well known herbal associations. Because of this backing, customers can order ProShape RX with the knowledge that it is safe and effective.

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