Why it is not easy to loose weight

From experience and a lot of accounts from people I have come to discover some of the main reasons why people find it difficult to loose weight. They are outlined below.

 You have formed Habits
When we become overweight and need to loose weight, it may usually have come form some bad eating habit that we formed usually from childhood. For example, developing the habit of eating fast foods (which are usually 90% fats , oils and Carbohydrates) can really do damage to your weight. Not to mention habits like like watching TV(which looks like everybody’s habit) and eating Pizza or any other snack while you are at it. Habits account for close to 70% of the reasons why so many people are overweight today and learning to conquer your habit is also not easy like quitting smoking. So if you want to loose that weight, start with your habits.

 Tasty foods make you fat
Thats the reality! I sometimes ask myself why. Its just as if you have to stop eating those foods you actually enjoy just because you want to loose weight. Well some weight loss diet programs advice you to keep eating the foods you love but in less quantities. They recognize the fact that those foods are actually eaten not just because “you have to eat” but because we actually enjoy them. This explains the 2nd and 3rd helpings! even when your stomach is full. This is where the problem starts; you now eat even when your stomach is full. Beware!

 Nobody likes stress
This statement has been true throughout the ages. As we can see, man has always been trying to reduce the stress we encounter doing things, even things as simple as bathing!. Obesity and being overweight was not a problem in the old ages. If you look at it logically, why would you want to stress yourself when something or even someone can do it for you for a small fee? if you have noticed, the more developed a country is, the more overweight people are found in it. Thats why the USA has the greatest population of overweight and obese people. Some inventions are worthy of note; the TV Remote Controller. the Washing Machine, the Video Game and many others. All these have contributed in no small way to the average weight of people by replacing fat burning manual labour.

 Self Discipline is difficult
Have you tried learning a new skill or tried to kick an old habit? its not easy. At first you’d tell yourself you were going to do so, so and so mayb e everyday, but you end up skipping it some days-with excuses like “not doing it on only one day wont kill me!” and similar excuses. For instance, I once told myself I would do at least 20 sit-ups every morning because I had the “fat tummy thing” but on weekends, I usually wake up very late in the morning and by the time I remember, the day would have gone and it kept repeating over and over again on weekends. Sometimes its easier to discipline someone else than ourselves. So to Loose that weight, self discipline will be a very essential quality-the ability to tell yourself NO when its necessary and keep to it.

 Little or no Motivation
Motivation like we know is something or someone that can inspire us to start or keep doing something. This factor alone has accounted for close to 70% of all human endeavors even loosing weight. Some people call it Role Models, Mentors etc. One of the reasons why most people loose weight today and gain it back tomorrow is because of the type of motivation or encouragement they got. Its particularly difficult when you come from a family where almost everybody is either overweight or obese. In that environment, trying to loose weight would be like swimming against the tide(even against family traditions!) There are always countless discouragements especially the popular cliché “Its in the family, its a part of who you are, everybody in the family is like that, you cant change it”. Damn this is so powerful! and the worst part of it is that you find yourself starting to believe it. This is where weight loss clubs and groups come in handy.

 Loosing weight for the wrong reasons
This is one of the most important questions you have to sit down and ask your self. I once joined a Karate class not because I needed it or I needed to be fit (by the way, Martial arts has been found to be one of the best forms of loosing weight fast, try it)but I joined just because I loved the way they dressed and because I look a bit Chinese, it would look good on me. Anyway, when the training got serious I ran away! The truth was that my reason for joining was not strong enough to keep me going. This is also the case with loosing weight; its a life changing experience. Are you loosing weight because you haven’t got a choice or because you want the “Runway Model” look?. I once saw a very beautiful lady. She was actually slightly overweight but she was still beautiful and had all the curves in the right places. Although I didn’t know her too well but I don’t think that kind of person would go and start trying to loose weight. It would not make sense.

 In conclusion, I believe you can achieve better results on any weight loss scheme you start if you can take care of all the reasons given above.