Natrol Acai Berry Diet Side Effects?

Question by Natalieezwhatsupdawgieedawgss?(:: Natrol Acai Berry Diet Side Effects?
What are the side effects for the Natrol Acai Berry Diet pills? I got a sample today and I took the two pills with a meal and everything. I legit just pooped 4 times. 2 of the 4 within an hour of each other. I’m wondering if it’s side effects or if I have food poisoning or something.

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Answer by Kristen
It would be the effect of the medication, NOT a side effect.
You lose weight by eliminating (pooing). How else do you think fat leaves the body?
However, as far as you being less hungry and it reducing cravings, it’s bs. Diet pills do not work (I just did a lab on them).
It’s much better to take vitamins, work out, and eat healthy foods than lose weight via some ‘miracle pill’.

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