Q&A: Can you but the acai berry diet pills at walmart????!!!?

Question by Megan: Can you but the acai berry diet pills at walmart????!!!?
i really want to lose as much Weight as i can in the next month (summer break starts) im going to florida and i am over Weight. i heard you can buy the acai diet pills at walmart but when i looked online to double check, i didn’t see them. i dint want to buy online. plus did they work for u if u have used them??

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Answer by ♫Paint It Beautiful♫
I would never recommend diet pills. I’m only answering this so you know not to click on those links.

If you’re really really set on buying diet pills my advice would be lipo 6 hers. Without diet and exercise they won’t do you much good but if you’re eating clean 5-6 small meals a day, doing cardio 4 times a week at high intensity training (1 minute on treadmill as fast as you can go then 2 minutes half the effort and 1 minute break. Repeat 5 times) for 20 minutes and then working out 3 times a week with 5 workouts x 3 reps you should get quicker results. Remember to drink lots of water.

If you want more info, message me.

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