Q&A: Good weight-loss videos & Acai berry diet?

Question by Laura: Good weight-loss videos & Acai berry diet?
I graduated from college a year ago, and since I’ve gotten married and begun a full-time desk job. I’m not nearly as active as I was in college and I’ve gained 15 pounds! I’m not happy at all physically, and I really want to get back into shape.

While I’m attempting to eat better, I really want a few great fitness/workout videos to help move along my weight loss. I gain weight first in my tummy and thighs, so my first goal is to shed weight from these areas, and then get toned.

What are some of the best workout videos for weight loss? I get bored easily, so I prefer videos with a variety of sequences that aren’t ‘typical’ workout moves (i.e. sit ups, push ups, etc.) I enjoy videos that are more like dance workouts and cardio. I’d be really great to hear from people who had weight loss results from videos!

I have also thought about kick starting my weight loss with the Acai diet, but I’m very weary of them. Honestly, I don’t want to take a pill that will ‘flush’ everything out of my system, meaning I’ll be heading to the bathroom several times during the day! I’m much too busy for that. Any thoughts?

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