Q&A: have you tried the acai berry/colon rx diet?DONT ITS A SCAM!!!!?

Question by Briannalm: have you tried the acai berry/colon rx diet?DONT ITS A SCAM!!!!?
this is more extreme info,i posted a question about 2 diets last night and one response was to a link about a special”doule diet”The Acai berry pills and colon rx,and they said if you follow the links on the page,both sites would give you free samples,so stupid me(i am the most guillable person i know)went on and ordered with my card(just .95 for shipping and handling on both products)apparently RIGHT AFTER I ordered i stumbled upon another site stating by ALOT of people that it is a scam so i tried to call the # for colon rx and it is dead air,then for the acai berry pill they claimed it was after hours then today a # keeps calling and hanging up the second I pick up so hubby called back and it was the people from the acai berry place,but they had us on hold for 45 minutes before it cut off and “magically”got dissconnected,luckily i was smart enough to cancell payments on my card,but please do not fall for this,peopel have claimed that they take out the $ then the next day they both cahrge you for over ,and there is nothing you can do about it!Beware answers telling you about this!I tried to get on today to report the poster and the answer is magically gone!

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