Q&A: The acai berry diet pills safe for teens?

Question by confused girlie: The acai berry diet pills safe for teens?
Hello, my dad purchased these acai berry diet pills that gently get rid of waste and improve moodiness and all, it says its not intended for people under 18, but is it still safe for a 15 year old? it says to take 2 pills, but ive only taken 1 to be safe, what do you think? When I took it, I felt pretty good, full of energy and happy, so it’s worked, I’m just not sure if its safe for me to take. 10 pts for best answer!!!!!!!

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Answer by Lola
I wouldn’t advise anybody to take acai berry pills. There’s no oversight on these companies by the FDA, since they’re marketed as “herbal supplements”, so they can put aaaaaaanything they want into these pills and you’d never be any wiser.

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