The Acai Berry Diet Pill?

Question by Shining: The Acai Berry Diet Pill?
I was wondering if it really works. I’ve seen advertisements while surfing on the internet, but sometimes there are fake advertisements about losing weight and so on. But I came across Acai Berry diet pill and I did some research on it, turns out it was on the Oprah and Rachael Ray show. So I was wondering if anyone’s tried it and if it really works.

So now I really wanna try the Acai Berry diet pill, along with exercising. So I was wondering if anyone know if it really works and which one to buy. There are so many different bottles that I’m not even sure which one is the right one and not a wanna be weight lose Acai Berry diet.

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Answer by Childsmum
I have seen this product advertised as well but i am always sceptical about magic pills for swift weight loss but it would be interesting to hear what other people say. The best philosophy for loosing weight is to move more and eat less.

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