Are You Searching For The Best Dieting Method To Loose Weight? Please Don’t.

I asked my Uncle, what would be the best way to loose weight? He replied, eat meat, run fast and think more, unfortunately he was a bit overweight himself, when he saw me looking at his belly. He said, “man needs fat around the waist, it shows he is from a rich family. Now get the hell out of here, before I loose my temper”. So I ran.

I spent most of my life searching for the best way to loose weight. When I was small I used to be overweight, I was the odd one out in the family. Even my mother used to say, “ they must have changed my child with some fatso’s child in the hospital”. Although I was overweight but still I used to love eating food all the time. I had the imagination that the food was the only thing, which gave me comfort, pleasure and self-satisfaction. Was that true or false? God knows.

My hunger was beyond my control, and my parents didn’t know what to do about my overeating problem. They tried different tricks but unfortunately nothing worked out and I kept on gaining more weight day after day.

Loosing Weight

Even though I was an overeater and also overweight and yet, I was obsessed with the idea of loosing weight. Sometimes I had a sudden compulsion to loose weight quickly and as a result I used to try out different dieting methods. I must confess that I had managed to loose some weight whenever I tried dieting techniques and methods available in the market. Unfortunately I could not keep up with any single one of them for a long period of time.

I found that most of them does make a difference so there was no problem with the dieting methods. This is because most of them are backed up by medical research. So if there was no problem with the dieting methods then it must be me, I used to question myself. I didn’t know the answer and also I didn’t know what to do as I was running out of excuses for being overweight in gatherings. My brother used to tell me “ why to waste your time, talent and energy on mission impossible. As always the option he used to give me was to go and join the Japanese Somo wrestling club, “probably you will have a great career there?”

At the end I finally realized that overeating is a behavioral problem, and I have to change my attitude towards food, which I did and it worked for me. If you buy a large pizza, you do not necessarily have to finish it in one go, but with obese people they are not satisfied until the job is finished.

So if you are overweight, you need to change to your thinking first then you can try any dieting method. What’s the point of going for formula one race, if you can’t even drive? Learn to drive first, and then you can even drive fast car or go for the formula one race. If you just question yourself before eating large portions, why should you eat that, is it necessary? And let your mind win on this instead of your heart, you would be able to see the difference in few days.

Emotions lead to irrational decision-making and are responsible for your action such as overeating. The dieting methods are good for loosing weight but they cannot normally change your mind and attitude towards food, which is the key for loosing weight. There are some good dieting methods and products available at the site found below.

If you want to loose weight you need to rise above the emotions and then you would be able to make decisions, which will help you to loose weight.