How to Loose Weight When Exercise or Diet Doesn’t Work Alone

If you believe in the many myths going around on weight loss when looking for how to loose weight fast, read on to see how true some of them are. Diet is really important when it comes to getting a better body. Nurturing your body with the appropriate balance of protein and carbohydrates is essential to a well planed weight loss program. But do not starve your self or purge the foods you eat after each meal, this leads to health issues that will be discussed in a future article.

First, start by working out (cardio or weight training) almost everyday, switch to all healthy foods, and calculate calories you are currently consuming on a daily basis be precise because it is a critical to know your daily caloric intake. If you reduce your calories to much you will just be burning up muscle rather than fat which will slow down your metabolism making it harder to loose weight long term. Muscles burn more calories than fats so it’s also best to put on a little muscle and looking good too.

Exercise will burn off calories, keep you fit and keep you toned, but lets look at calories first. Now, the most important thing to consider is the amount of calories you need to eat to maintain good health. The reason nutritionists recommend eating a “healthy” amount of calories is that if the body does not get enough calories, it thinks you are on some kind of “emergency” calorie restriction and it can almost have an opposite effect in losing weight. It has been shown in research that when people restrict their calories dramatically, the body compensates for the calorie restriction by slowing the metabolism.

Once you have figured out the calories consumed per day you need to deduct 300 calories from that total, but just removing numbers is easy, figuring out how to reduce them at meal time is can seem difficult but a lot easier than you might think. Remember, Exercise alone would not make you lose weight if you are still taking in more calories than you burn. Many people get a ton of calories from side dishes such as macaroni and cheese, French fries, or potato salad so cut them out. Just one side of macaroni can cost you 250 calories on average. One frappachino or cappachino coffee can run a minimum of 200 calories. Soda pop runs 150 calories and most people drink them all day long.

Running uses almost every muscle either to move your body through space or to stabilize your trunk and torso. But some are not cut out for the endurance needed and strenuous activity that running demands especially if you’re just starting an exercise program. An alternative to running is weight lifting. Did you know that weight lifting programs are one of the most effective methods of losing weight? When lifting properly, you will stretch the muscle during the exercise, but you should still stretch properly to prevent injury.

Weight lifting also works your heart (it is a muscle after all) and reduces your resting heart rate. Women do not need to worry, weight lifting WILL NOT give women huge bulky muscles, it will tone and lengthen muscles. Need more reasons to lift weights; more reasons for a regular weight lifting program will also:- Reduce the risk of developing diabetes by keeping your blood pressure in check- Prevent lower back injuries by strengthening your core muscles- Improve the functioning of your immune system, and improve your posture to name a few.

A step down from running and weight lifting is aerobics. Aerobics for reducing weight is generally for individual who want to lose weight by means of a calorie deficit diet and exercise which means burning greater amounts of calories than one takes in with out heavy weight lifting. Aerobics also augments heart and lung efficiency and is referred to as cardiovascular exercise. Depending on the aerobics class, individuals in these classes perform rhythmic actions which involve stretching of large muscle groups, excellent for women and beginners but not limited to experts.

In conclusion, if you want to loose weight then by all means do it but also learn how to love yourself right where you are, this will lead you down the path to a healthier more natural rate of weight loss. Now that you have more knowledge on diet and exercise, the path to weight loss and a healthier lifestyle and finding how to loose weight fast is open wide for you. If you are married or dating, take your partner into consideration and let them know you are trying to loose weight. Losing weight is simply a matter of expending more calories, through exercise and your daily activities, than you take in. So relax, enjoy smaller meals with no side dishes and a healthy exercise program so you can live a longer and more active lives.