Loose Weight Build Muscle – Nutrition and Supplements – Part 1

Most of the pills you might consider getting are designed to speed up your metabolism using caffeine. It sure does! If you’ve taken these before, you’ll know what I mean! Just remember that there are other ways to stimulate your body to burn fat faster. Caffeine is not so good for your body so make sure you don’t use it too often to help you train. There are some benefits, like increased short term strength and energy, but in the long term it will ruin your body and nervous system. Try High Intensity Interval Training instead. It only takes 15 minutes to get your body going faster than any cup of coffee can!

Now, the most important thing to remember in your goal to loose weight and build muscle is to do what many bodybuilders and professional fitness trainers refer to as “eating clean”.

Fill your stomach with the nutrients and minerals your body needs to repair the muscles and clean out the toxins exercising produces. You know just as well as anyone that eating KFC and McDonald’s is not going to get you the vitamins you need to build muscle and loose weight quickly. Eat clean, and you’ll achieve your goals quickly and effectively. So what do we have to eat to keep a clean diet?

Water… the mirical drink!

Water is not a food, I know. But it does make up about 80% of your body’s mass. It’s important, real important. Water will help you loose weight and build muscle. Water cleans out the toxins, and gives your body the freedom to put back the nutrition that the toxin’s have taken out. Water will also help eliminate the fat from your body by cleaning out your digestive tract and liver. Drink water often. About 8 glasses a day. And remember, if you’re thirsty, you’re already de hydrated.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables are the best source of carbohydrates for your body while you’re trying to loose weight and build muscle. They’ll provide your body with nutrients and energy that’s quickly digested so your metabolism will speed up, and you’ll feel more alive.

Protein is the most important nutrient for your muscle to grow. Each time you train, you should be having a protein dense meal or shake to give your body all the protein it needs to get it repairing the muscles as fast as possible. The best places to get good quality protein are from whey (or soy) shakes, protein snack bars, and of course, when you’re having a main meal you should use meat like chicken or fish so you’ve got good natural protein sources. If I would suggest any one supplement to use, it’d be a quality whey protein powder so you can have a shake after each and every workout.

One last tip, you should be eating about 5-7 small meals each day. The main thing is that eating often, your body’s metabolism will speed up and you will feed more alive and energetic. Try substituting a protein bar for any craving, or even a handful of raw nuts. The high protein food will help you with your fullness levels and you’ll be able to get to your goals to loose weight and build muscle faster.