Loosing Weight With Yoga

When you are getting larger, you are within the realm of company. Because of the lifestyles we live, many more people eat the foods that are holding more calories. The days of the active person are slipping away and the television is taking up the hours and providing a place for more food to be eaten. The bad habits of eating, the stress of the everyday life, the missing ability to exercise, is all the problems that are leading to the extra weight that a lot of us now have. Only when the lifestyle is changed for the better is it to become a healthier life and giving you the ability to be more physical, mental and emotional in your strength.

Now, more find that the way to stop the problems with their weight is within the yoga realm. It is not an easy task for anyone to change habits that have been practiced for years. This is especially true when you are talking about the food you eat including the change to the vegetarian way of life and the exercises that come within the yoga practice. The yoga is a way for you to burn the fat you have and speed up your metabolism. Be prepared to take your time when loosing weight with yoga because it is healthier for you. You will be glad that you took the time to loose slowly because for the benefits to you and the skin having time to shrink on its own back into the right place.

Using yoga to loose weight has a few different poses including the Asanas. They can be used for a part of the body that you choose to work on. Below are some of the Asanas that you can use.

1. Asana for a tight stomach – use of the child’s pose, wind releasing pose, abdominal lift, cobra pose, spinal twist, yogic seal pose, naval move position (lying on back), and baat pose are all a part of this asana. For more info see http://www.ezyogaguide.com/Yoga_Certification_Videos/ on Yoga Certification Videos.

2. Asana for the limbs – use of the upward dog pose, and the downward facing dog, tree pose, swinging lotus pose, hero pose, upward facing and downward facing bridge pose, squat and rise pose, and celibacy pose all help with the limbs.

3. Asanas for making the chest tighter include the baat pose, triangle pose, and hero pose, wind releasing pose, cobra pose, spinal twist, lumbar wheel pose, upward facing dog, and the downward facing dog.

4. Asana for the firming of the hips and the thighs incorporate the triangle pose, sun salute, angle pose, butterfly pose, celibacy pose, hero pose I and II, advanced wind releasing pose, and upward facing dog pose, and downward facing dog.

Yoga for loosing the weight you want to a great thing to tone your body and dong it in a regular way, which is not in any way like to other weight loss routines that say they will get rid of the inches and cause you bad effects from it. Loosing weight with yoga can be done by anyone of any age group to keep the body healthy.