Acai Berry Diet Pills?

Question by jo;: Acai Berry Diet Pills?
I am almost 15, and i am wondering if i should use the acai berry pills over the summer, and do you know if they really work. If you have to be 18 or older to use the pills, then do you know of a “start off diet” that i could do for a week, just to get me started??

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Answer by Show me how to funk like you do
Sure if you want to throw your money away go buy some of the pills, its a great way to screw up your bodys water levels & nutrition.

There is no sound science that backs up their claims, its target audiences working off myths at its best. Use your logic the western world has a high obesity rate, yet amazingly these pills claim to lose weight….quite strange that medicine doesn’t promote them to people.
This will probs be vague but you can further research but a healthy nutritional diet that sticks as close to nature as it can (ie brown breads, seeds, brown rice, fruits vegetables etc) alone will help you lose weight, excercise ontop of that promotes weight loss again.
Diet refers to what you consume on day-day basis not a ”4 week program to lose weight” diets should be upheld for life.

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