Crash diet?? Acai berry pills?

Question by Brianna: Crash diet?? Acai berry pills?
I’m short, & I don’t have a long body, so I tend to look a lot heavier than I really am. I have a REALLY LOW self-esteem. I’ve been trying to lose some weight, especially before school starts. I don’t have time in my schedule to exercise. I just want to lose about ten pounds; then I would be happy. I don’t want to weigh like 90 pounds, I just want to be at a manageable weight. See, I have D sized breasts; & I HATE them, they are too big; they make me look all short & frumpy. I’m thinking I could make ’em a bit smaller if I do this diet thing. Once I lose the amount of weight I want, I’ll start eating again, but only healthy foods. i just need that motivation. If I see myself 10 pounds lighter, I’m sure I would be determined enough to stay that way. I’ve also found some acai berry dieting pills. And I was just wondering if they would work if I took them without food, maybe they would help me lose weight faster. I don’t know, just an idea. So can you guys tell me what you think. also, any tips on weight loss? Oh, by the way, I’m 16. Please be nice about this guys.

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Answer by Ansley
I had a surplus of pounds in all the embarrassing zones until I tried out acai berry, I understand they say that pills do not work, but they definitely worked for me, and they’ve been featured on CBS News too. There is a free trial happening right now at , why not check it out, what’s the worst that could happen?

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