Learn How To Boost Your Weight Loss Program and Calorie Burning to Get Rid of Obesity

If you want to boost your metabolism, lose weight faster and
keep the weight off, you need to maximize your weight loss
program and calorie burning to get rid of obesity, meaning
stored fat. Weight loss diets are not the only solution to lose
weight, neither exercise alone. An effective weight loss
program includes the combination of a postive attitude, a
balanced diet, weight lifting, aerobic exercise, and having the
right nutritional supplements.
Exercises will help you to
keep your body toned and avoid excessive stretch marks for
losing weight.

Let me clarify a myth about weight lifting that helps you burn
more calories. There is a myth that weightlifting will make you
develop big muscles. This is not true. To develop or build big
muscles, you would need to have a detailed weight lifting body
building program. However, practicing basic weight lifting,
including dumbbells, will help you maximize your calories
burning mode and tone your body, not make you look big.

Weightlifting, meaning using weights between 5-50 pounds
approximately, will help you keep lean muscles, improve
strength, muscle definition, flexibility and coordination to
help you lose fat.

Lifting weights actually help you reduce body fat not only
because you burn more calories during the workout, but also
because you continue burning after training.

Hence, an effective way to maximize your weight loss program and
calorie burning is to combine weight lifting and aerobic
exercise. You can do this based on your needs. For example, when
I started my weight loss program at 230 pounds, I did cardio
exercise every day. I started with 10 minutes and gradually
increasing to 60 minutes.

I added weight lifting later because like many, I believed the
myth that I was going to look very masculine by doing weights.
It was only after carefully reading and experiencing with a
basic weightlifting program that I realized how wrong I was.

In fact, I started seeing better results with my weight loss
program when I combined all five ingredients: diet, aerobic
exercise, weight lifting, positive attitude and my
Most of all, my skin was tighter, and I was not
getting excessive stretch marks as others who were losing great
amount of weight.

Body Nutrients

The other aspect to maximize your calorie burning besides doing
your weights and aerobics is to consume between 15 -30 gr. of
protein within 30 minutes after your workout for muscle
recovery. A good example will be to have a whey protein shake.
Also, drink water throughout your exercise routine to replenish
lost body fluids.

Protein helps you boost your weight loss, increase loss of
body fat while reducing the loss of muscle tissue. Since protein
requires more energy to digest, it burns more calories and helps
your weight loss process.

For example, if your body does not get daily protein and the
essential amino acids on a daily basis, it will steal it from
your existing muscle tissue. Moreover, protein helps you slow
down the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream. In
addition, it reduces hunger because it reduces insulin levels,
making it easier for your body to burn fat. Plus, it promotes
satiety, making you feel full, hence, having less cravings.

However, prior to your workout, make sure you consume enough
carbs to use as body fuel and not feel weak by following an
extreme low carb menu. For instance, if you love pasta like me,
then, this will be the right time to have your pasta dish.
Ideally, have your starchy carbs (pasta, rice, potatoes) before
3 p.m. Cardio exercise will help you burn stored fat.

Bottom line, you must combine all key aspects for a successful
weight loss program; nutritional supplements alone are not the
solution. They work as supplements to help you accomplish your
weight loss goal faster while providing you with nutrients.

Another great way to boost your metabolism and set it for
maximum calorie burning will be to drink green tea. Get your cup
of green tea first thing in the morning, mid morning, and prior
to workout. Besides, it will help you get rid of toxins.

Just do not forget that it is important to consult with your
physician before starting any weight loss program.

Basic Weight Loss Exercise Routine

1. Aerobic exercise 3 times a week (30-60 minutes)

2. Weightlifting every 2 days

However, if you do not resist a 30 minute cardio, start with 5
or 10 minute session. Most important thing is to start doing
your exercise. Enjoy it; do not condition yourself thinking
exercising is a burden. Prepare positively, visualize the
results, how exercising will help you burn that stored fat,
develop that trimmed abs, toned arms, tight buttocks, and toned

Same with your weightlifting program, start with 2 or 5 pounds
dumbbells, try to set 20 minutes for your dumbbells or if
running out of time, you can do your dumbbells while watching tv
or taking a break from work. Bottom line, it is always better to
do some exercise than none.

Hence, based on my experience and research studies, one can drop
body fat by adding free weight exercises and practicing at least
3 times a week cardio exercises. Some of the basic exercise
using free weights includes lunges, standing dumbbell shoulder
press, standing dumbbell curl, standing triceps overhead
extension, which is great to eliminate those flabby under arms.

Until next time, have a successful balanced weight loss
program and say bye bye to obesity!
Welcome the NEW YOU with
a big smile and new wardrobe. In a nutshell, your obesity
solution is not having a fast weight loss diet to gain all the
weight back. Remember, your main goal is to lose weight and
to keep it off.
Now, give me a BIG FIVE! You can do it. I am
here to help you! Therefore, cheers to your successful weight
loss plan and maximization of calorie burning!

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Before starting any nutritional program, exercise or diet
program, we advise you to consult with your physician.

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