New Acai Berry Diet – Oprah Recommended! AcaiNutraburst – Trial Offer Female Formula Acai Burn – Weight Loss Supplement – Free Trial Female/Male Formula Acai Burn Extreme – No Risk Trial – Male Formula Acai is a palm tree that grows in the North of Brazil and is known by the people as “içá-çai”, which means “fruit that cries”. Acai Berries grow on an Amazon Palm Tree and have been prized for hundreds of years by the indigenous people of Brazil for their ability to provide a sense of strength, energy, and a high nutritional content. Acai is the only super berry on the market that has everything that you need, naturally from only the berry itself. Acai is considered one of the richest nutritive fruits from the Amazon or the world for that fact. Acai (ah-sigh-ee) is an all-natural energy fruit from Amazon palm berries. Acai Acai Medio is normally used in Brazil because it is cheaper and easier to process than the acai especial. Acai (pronounced ah-sigh-EE) is the fruit of a palm tree that grows in the Amazon rain forests of Brazil. It is Not a Magic Bullet, but It May be Close. While there certainly is no single food that can be considered a magic bullet, Acai must be ranked high among the most powerful and beneficial natural sources of vital minerals, anti-oxidants and nutrients that support a healthy body and lifestyle. It also provides a nearly perfect profile of amino acids plus it contains important vitamins and trace minerals too. Acai also contains two good fatty acids, Omega 6

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