Quick And Easy Weight Loss For 2008

It’s seems like everyday that goes by brings the introduction of a new weight loss fad or diet. It’s amazing how much misinformation is available in the world today. Haven’t you seen the ads on the T.V. infomercials and basically every website you visit?

It seems we are always looking for the quick fix to everything. Why not have a quick fix to weight loss…right? Well, why there are definitely methods than work better than other in the weight loss world, some things never change. The number one way to lose weight and burn fat is, and always will be, to eat a diet that allows your body to burn fat and also to exercise regularly and properly.

Twenty years ago, the issues that kept people from losing weight were more related to the fact that the information really didn’t exist in a universal manner. There was no internet, no cable T.V., and no overwhelming supply of weight loss information available.

Nowadays, there is too much information available! We have gone from having to search for the truth to having to SORT the truth. And with so many false claims and instructions, this process can be downright overwhelming for the average person looking to lose weight!


There’s always someone out there telling us we can lose fat without watching our diet and without any exercise. As much as we’d like to believe that’s true, deep down inside we know better. The ads promising that we can ‘get slim quick’ remind us of the ‘get rich quick’ infomercials we always see on late-night television. Still, there’s no shortage of ‘get slim quick’ products out there.

Permanent Weight Loss Requires Effort – The bottom line in weight loss is that you must eat better and exercise more if you are looking to lose weight. There is really no way around these initial requirements. Once you get closer to your goals and objectives, you can start being less restrictive with your diet and occasionally enjoy your favorite dish. However, don’t think you can have your cake and burn fat too.

Don’t Be Tempted By Shortcuts – So is it possible to lose weight quickly? Sure, but weight loss achieved quickly and/or by ‘cheating’ will never be permanent and is usually not healthy. While some diets make HUGE weight loss claims, don’t fall for a diet that makes claims you feel are inaccurate.

Remember the phen-fen pills that were popular just a few years ago? While they certainly helped you lose weight, they were withdrawn from the market in September of 1997 after being linked to the occurrence of serious cardiac valvular disease, and primary pulmonary hypertension. Not exactly the road you would like to take to weight loss huh?

Ephedra, another weight loss product, was pulled from shelves on April 12, 2004. After a careful review of the available evidence about the risks and benefits of ephedra in supplements, the FDA found that these supplements present an unreasonable risk of illness or injury to consumers. The data showed little evidence of ephedra’s effectiveness, except for short-term weight loss, while confirming that the substance raises blood pressure and stresses the heart (Source: nccam.nih.gov).

Note that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) found that the herbal supplement ephedra was effective for only short-term weight loss. Doesn’t really sound like a long-term solution does it? In fact, the majority of these pills are nothing but processed garbage.

There are lots of other ‘shortcuts’ out there, from laxatives to harsh stimulants. Then there are healthier cheeper alternatives such as green tea and oolong tea. You should always stick with the healthier, cheaper solutions because they tend to be free from the radical claims that supplement companies can make.

The Conclusion – Now that you know there is no quick fix to your weight loss solution, will you take this advice and put it to use? Countless others will lose money, not weight, on buying these ridiculously advertised products. Isn’t it time you relied on the basics of weight loss that have been proven to work time and time again?

Remember, the next time you read a weight loss claim by any weight loss product, just know that the claims they make have just as high a probability of happening without the product as with the product. All of their claims are limited by your bodies ability to burn fat which is nothing more than combining a great diet with sound exercise principles.