Quick Weight Loss is Possible and Achievable for You

Obesity and excess fat are epidemics around the world today and especially evident in America where 8 out of 10 adults are obese and the number is steadily climbing. The statistics show no signs of slowing down either.

There definitely are ways to prevent further obesity. It all depends on you. Your devotion, desire and drive will determine the effectiveness and quality of your weight loss program. Whatever your efforts are, quick and healthy weight loss is a definite reality and is very achievable.

There are numerous weight loss “programs” available now that offer rapid weight loss in the forms of a supplement of sorts or through crash diets. These do not work for the long term and will not produce results that last. In fact, there is a high probability that these types of weight loss programs can cause more health problems.

Crash dieting and excessive fasting will certainly cause very rapid weight loss, but along with that new weight loss will come a slew of health issues because you are getting insufficient or, at the best, minimal nutrition in the foods that you are directed to eat and avoid.

Fasting for the first day of your new weight loss program can be beneficial but continued fasting can be detrimental and self-defeating. It will slow down your metabolism, essential in weight loss, and once you stop fasting, you will immediately can back all the weight you lost.

Weight loss programs based on weight loss pills and liquids or drinks are also ineffective. While they may cause you to lose weight rapidly, there are significantly less nutrients found in these supplements than in a healthy fresh foods diet; in addition, using these supplements does not help you make wise health choices, in particular with foods.

Diuretics in particular can cause you to lose too much water and potassium (essential mineral) while flushing away other toxins in your system; this much loss of essential elements of the body can be dangerous. Colon cleansing may sound beneficial and positive but can be tortuous and difficult, nearly self-punishing and completely unadvised without previous medical consultation. (Cleansing your body, in a whole body sense, is recommended when it comes to general toxins. The best tool in that endeavor is pure water. More on that in a future article.)

Instead of using those quick-fix ineffective methods, the best choice for someone who is overweight and looking for quick but also healthy weight loss is a healthy, sustainable and satisfying nutritional and fitness plan. This nutritional and fitness plan should be based on healthy whole foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, quality meats and water.

Highly important in these three is water; the most common liquid you should drink is water, not fruit drinks, sodas or alcoholic beverages. Your fitness plan should include both cardio and strength or weight training; make sure to push your personal limits at regular levels to increase your capacities and results.

With these two basic guidelines in place, you will see just as quick weight loss as with those foolish programs and the best part of this is that your new nutritional and fitness weight loss plan is healthy, sustainable and satisfying!