Weight Loss Diet Plan and Programs-14 Steps to Loss of Weight

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You can start to lose weight by choosing working out the amount of food calories that you eat in each of your daily meals. The best way to effectively lose weight is not by starvation but by gradually varying your daily calorie intake.

1. Write down what you eat

Carry a small note book and record the types of food you eat on a daily basis. Once you have completed a week’s diet, you can use the calorie charts to know by how much you need to cut down guided by the charts.

2. Reduce the list

Review the list of foods you eat in a week and decide which ones you need to cut out all together to lose weight. Food with a lot of fats will need to be reduced and replaced. You should however not starve yourself trying to lose weight since your body’s metabolism also adjusts to burn the same amount of calories as eaten.

3. Find alternatives to the foods you remove from the list

You can easily reduce the foods that you feel are unhealthy like sodas and fries with something healthier like water and fiber foods like dried apricots, nuts, rice cakes, fruits, baby carrots and cherry tomatoes. White meat is a better replacement for red meats since they are low in fat. You can use fish and chicken for example to replace the pork and beef that you usually devour in a week.

4. Create a weekly menu

For faster weight loss you will need to develop a lean weekly menu that has healthier alternatives. You can use cookbooks and the internet to see your choices. It is important to ensure that your weekly diet gradually reduces the calorie intake in your food. This is how you will lose weight, not by reducing the amount of food but by lowering your calorie intake. Try to resist the temptation to take junk foods like pizza, fries and burgers.

5. Control your Food Portions

Effective and fastest weight loss will need you to cut down. The good way to force yourself to stop over eating unnecessary food is to cut a small piece of the food and put it away and then eat the smaller portion. Eating small portions of fiber and low in fat foods has been found to aid weight loss. These tend to keep metabolism running throughout the day and eventually burns excess fats.

6. Eat Some Fiber

Fiber is as important if not more as water in losing weight. Fiber has been found to assist in consistent digestion of food hence retaining just enough metabolism burning calories and body fat. The more efficient your digestive system, the more chances you have in losing weight fast and easily.

7. Drink Lots of water

How can you lose weight by drinking water? Water is a very essential part of any weight loss diet and you should take lots of it to avoid being dehydrated. When your body detects that you are facing dehydration, it retains water in very unsightly areas. This is extra weight that you can do without if you are looking for a way to start noticing weight loss goals.

8. Do lots of exercise

Does exercise help in quick loss of weight? There are two ways of losing weight namely dong lots of exercise or simply increasing your metabolism rate. Doing exercise and being able to stick to a metabolic weight loss diet plan will see you achieve results faster than using one of these 2 methods.

9. Do some weight loss aerobics

Aerobic activities will help you lose weight faster. Good aerobics include jogging, brisk walking, aerobics machines and cycling. There will not only help you lose weight but also keep your heart healthy and lean. You can reduce the risk of heart problems with a regular aerobic regime.

10. Sleep

A good night’s rest will increase your chances of losing weight. You should ensure that you have enough sleep time every night in addition to taking rest durations after every 72 hours of exercise. Lack of good rest has been found to seriously impede your rate of weight loss.

11. Lift some weight

How can I convert fat into muscle? Weight lifting further helps you in weight loss since it burns extra fat on muscles and helps convert fat tissue into muscle.

12. Patience

Most people go into a weight loss diet program expecting a miracle within a week. Metabolism is a natural process that follows a slow curve to start realizing results. Having patience will also help you to be more resilient and follow your weight loss diet plan or exercise regime to achieve results.

13. Confidence

Confidence helps you achieve your weight loss targets without giving up just when you were about to make it. If you are in a weight loss diet program, you will need to be disciplined enough to refrain from binge eating or cheating on your plan. If you are confident to achieve the weight level you set out for then you most likely will be more adept to keeping to your weight loss exercise or diet program.

14. Discipline, consistency and self motivated

It takes a relatively sustained weight loss diet or exercise plan to finally achieve results. In order for you to maintain such strict programs, you will want to be disciplined in following food and exercise regimes. The buck stops with you in keeping the consistency needed. Likewise being motivated to achieve your results should be able to enable you have a self drive towards your weight loss goals.