Weight Loss Myths, Fad Diets and Scams

Are you serious about weight loss? This article describes weight loss myths and explains the truth about dieting.

Weight Loss Myth #1: Fat loss will come naturally if you follow a low carbohydrate diet.

Truth: The truth is that low carbohydrate fad diets are not effective for long-term weight loss. Cutting back on all carbs helps you lose weight initially and will even help you reach your weight loss goal, but the chances that you maintain the weight loss are slim. Restrictive diets are mentally challenging. What happens is the first time you give in to carbohydrate cravings you want more and try to make up for the time you deprived yourself of them. Furthermore, studies show that the brain needs carbohydrates for proper functioning.

Weight Loss Myth #2: Diet pills are the easy way to lose weight.

Truth: Some diet pills are dangerous to your health. Over-the-counter weight loss products aren’t fully tested or FDA approved. Whether it’s a water pill, a fat blocker or a metabolism enhancer, diet pills pose a health risk and have been known to cause illness and even death. Even diet pills that are approved by the FDA are risky. Products are often pulled from shelves after research show unhealthy side effects. Diet pills may help you lose weight fast; they do not provide lasting weight loss.

Weight Loss Myth #3: The top 10 fad diets are based the latest technology and information for weight loss, making them ideal to lose weight fast.

Truth: Many top 10 fad diets are just worthless weight loss products. They are scams to fool people into making the purchase. They exist only to make money off of unsuspecting overweight individuals. A top 10 fad diet may be based on a portion of a recent study that makes sense from a dieter’s perspective, but they rarely offer the big picture. Just because a book has been published on a particular weight loss topic does not make it the best weight loss plan.

Weight Loss Myth #4: Low-fat diets expedite fat loss. Eating low-fat and fat free foods is a simple plan and healthy way to lose weight.

Truth: Low-fat diets actually slow your metabolism, making it more difficult to lose weight and maintain your weight loss. Low-fat diets also leave you feeling hungry and deprived. The body needs a certain amount of healthy fats for normal functioning. Fat also helps you feel full longer. Switching to fat-free and low-fat products alone will not help you reach your weight loss goals.

Weight Loss Myth #5: Supplements are a safe method for accelerating weight loss.

Truth: Supplements advertise their natural ingredients that aid weight loss. The truth is that 97% of weight loss supplements are completely worthless. Supplements are not regulated and while they may boast all natural ingredients, that doesn’t mean they are healthy for your body.

Avoid Fad diets and Lose Weight the Healthy Way

These myths bring up the questions of why people are encouraged to buy weight loss products that don’t work. Companies that sell top 10 fad diets and run weight loss scams are simply capitalizing on a billion-dollar industry. Obviously, these companies don’t want overweight people to know the truth about healthy, simple plans that work. That would cost them sales.

The healthy way to lose weight is to avoid top 10 fad diets and weight loss scams. The best kept diet plan secrets are simply this: knowing what healthy organic and whole foods to eat and when, regular exercise and having the right mindset. This simple plan is the key to obtaining and maintaining a healthy weight.