Weight Loss – not Always Fat Loss. Report

Now adiposity is very widespread disease, therefore many are puzzled by a problem of shunt of excess weight. And except those whom recognise as corpulent, is also such as which associates and do not consider thick, but they are anxious by the weight and as wish to reduce it. Therefore the question of disposal of a part of an unnecessary fatty fabric for the sake of health and beautiful outward is very actual.

The basic indicator of adiposity is the body weight. It is very easy to measure it, as household and medical scales are extended and accessible to weighing of people. Certainly, more correct indicator is the mass of a fatty fabric of the person, but to define it very. Therefore the basic indicator of adiposity was and there is a body weight.

Owing to the specified causes struggle against adiposity turns to struggle against weight. And it in a root irregular! Loss of weight of the person at all always corresponds to loss of its fatty fabric.

If any person reports, what it has dumped, let us assume, 5 kg of weight, whether that means it, what it has got rid of five kgs of superfluous fat? Not necessarily. Weight – the general indicator which develops of mass of fat, an atomy, muscles, an internals, various fluids of an organism… Plus still mass of a contained gastrointestinal path which can variate in enough wide limens!

Let’s consider such hypothetical situation. In the first day you ate and drank very nourishingly and much, so for the second day at you obvious disgust for nutrition. Therefore all second day you fur-trees also did not drink nothing. If you effect weighings by morning of the second and third day the difference between them for certain would appear considerable – to 3 kg or even more. That is for days of unload you would lose, let us assume, 3 kg of weight. And how many you would dump for this time of fat?

At all! After a gluttony in the first day of the consumed nutrients quite will suffice the next days and even remains so to resort to an expenditure of a reserve from a fat depo it is not required. Loss of weight within the whole days of unload is caused by expenditure of the alimentary materials acquired from nutrition eaten the day before, evacuations of not digested residual, and also loss Waters with then, urine and expired air. So in the given example weight loss – 3 kgs, and fat loss – 0 kg.

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Other example. In hot weather the person is capable to lose from then very many water. Water can intensively be lost and without a heat if to accept diuretic medicines. In these cases water loss can reach 10 kg, and fat loss, as well as in the previous example – 0.

By the way, this effect sometimes use for a deceit of clients some dishonest “dieticians”. They can give the tablets keeping diuretics that the patient was happy with fast shunt of hated weight under the pretext of medicines for adiposity.

Quite often means for growing thin comprise laxative components. It is correct, as many persons with adiposity suffer locks. And after visitation of a toilet the weight will naturally decrease. But it is not necessary to believe fondly, that this loss of weight is fat loss.

As we have considered, is frequent enough weight loss can to advance fat loss considerably. In that case there is a question: and with what speed the weight without a deceit, at the expense of one only a fatty fabric can decrease?

It depends on the chosen diet. An essence of any medical diet for shunt of superfluous fat – to create negative power balance that the organism has been forced to spend own fatty resources. Caloricity of one kg of fat is well-known – 9300 kcal. And what negative power balance can be?

On the daily caloricity all unloading diets can be divided into three bunches.

    1. The basic diet – is called so because its daily caloricity approximately corresponds to standard metabolism of the person – 1700-2200 kcal. The size of negative power balance on such diet is equal about 200-500 kcal so the weight is lost very slowly – an order 20-50 g a day.
    2. The reduced diet. Daily caloricity – 1200-1500 kcal, negative power balance – 500-900 kcal, and diurnal loss of fat has size of an order of 50-100
    3. A rigid diet. Daily caloricity – 400-800 kcal, negative power balance – 1400-1800 kcal, diurnal loss of fat can reach 200 such result the author of the given work in experiments on itself has received.

The basic diet usually do not love because of very slow loss of superfluous fatty stores. The rigid diet provides the fastest growing thin, but it as many complain, is rather painful. Therefore often make a compromise – the reduced diet.

Independently there is a full starvation at which the person at all does not receive some any nutrients; water is authorised only. Owing to that it is tolerated easier, than a rigid diet at starvation it is a lot of adherents. The most known books on starvation is “a starvation Miracle” (P.Bregg), “Starvation for the sake of health” (J.S.Nikolaev), etc. So, G.Shelton in the book “Starvation will rescue your life” gives of a word of one of the patients: “I have visited on widely advertised resort. They dieted me in 700 calories a day, and I constantly felt hunger. The same starvation was for me pleasure!” That is she asserted, that the rigid diet is painful, and starvation – is not present.

In same work Shelton answers on a question, with what speed there is a weight loss at full starvation – about one kg a day. Certainly, such fast loss of weight very much liked its patients. The author of this article too spent starvations, and has received other result – 0,5 kg a day (articles-reports “About 14-daily allowances starvation” and “About 15-daily allowances starvation” see).

But we will ask a question – this effective loss of weight was at the expense of fat or not? No, certainly! The organism of the starving spends very few energy – a maximum of 1800-2000 kcal a day, that corresponds 200 g fat (as at a rigid diet). And loss of other weight descends at the expense of expenditure of other soft fabrics. At hunger the organism is forced to utilise them that from proteins to receive glucose. And glucose is necessary for synthesis of accelerator for a tricarbonic acid cycle (a tricarbonic acid cycle – the basic source of reception of energy in an organism). From fats in an organism fuel is effected for a tricarbonic acid cycle but to burn this fuel, accelerator (synthesised of glucose), which is necessary, to regret, it is little by little lost, and it is necessary to supply it.

Thus, starvation is too one of examples at which loss of weight is more than fat loss. So if will spend full starvation, do not rejoice to fast losses of weight, and remember, that real loss of fat – an order 200 g a day.

Thus, we can answer now a question put above (with what speed the weight without a deceit can decrease, at the expense of one only a fatty fabric?), so: a maximum – 200 g a day. If the weight is lost faster it is necessary to understand at the expense of what there is a loss.

At shunt of excess weight by means of diets a situation usually “fair” – weight loss goes on 100 % at the expense of fat. But also at diets the weight can faster be lost, than it is necessary to expect. In this case it is necessary not to be under a delusion, and to check and understand, at the expense of what there is such loss of mass of a body. For example, during growing thin in hot weather some patients can casually confine fluid reception to observe faster falling of weight.

Or at the rigid To diet weight loss can sometimes exceed theoretical 200 g, that speaks about “eating” by an organism of a quantity of the soft fabrics. In this case it is necessary to reconsider a ration that carbohydrates for synthesis of accelerator for a tricarbonic acid cycle sufficed an organism and it was not required to spend for this purpose the squirrel of own soft fabrics.

By the way, the anatropic situation – fat loss more than weight loss is possible also. It is observed in the event that the corpulent person tries to grow thin by means of physical culture. In this case in an organism there are simultaneously two processes – a degrowth of fat and augmentation of mass of muscles. As the second particulate compensates the first the general weight reduction will be less expected, and the person in this case is usually dissatisfied with results.

Such situation which will seem to you improbable is possible even – fat is lost, and the mass – grows! It can be observed, if after long starvation the person “leaves” very gradually and any time “sits” on the reduced diet with the sufficient maintenance of high-grade protein. In this case the organism continues to spend the fat in the power purposes approximately with a speed 100 g in day. But in parallel already there is a restoration process.

The soft fabrics “eaten” during starvation, and the increase can quite compound 200-300 g a day. That is the body mass will accrue, though fat and continues to be spent.

So, if you have decided to dump excess weight irrespective of a mean and a method remember – very often loss of weight mismatches fat loss! Therefore, watching the tendency of the weight, do not deceive itself, and supervise process of loss of fat, for example, a method calipmetrion (measurements of a thickness of fatty folds).