Weight Loss Tonics: What They Offer to Shed the Pounds

There are a lot of weight loss remedies on the market. From Dr. Atkins to the South Beach Diet to diet pills including the new Alli pill, to Hoodia to Hydroxycut and so on and so on. One type of weight loss aid that is rarely discussed is the weight loss tonic. This article will go over the weight loss tonic and what it can mean in terms of helping you shed the pounds.

– What is a Tonic?

One common definition of a tonic is: a substance that invigorates or strengthens the system. The truth of the matter is that there are a lot of variations in tonics these days, and this article will go over some of the different weight loss tonics available on the market today.

– The Triple-Kit Tonic:

Sometimes manufacturers of weight loss tonics and tonics in general will advertise a set of tonics, that, when working together will not only increase metabolism, but give you more energy and help you stay focused throughout the day. Most of these will include a cleansing tonic of some sort.

A good example of this is something by a company called the Herbalist. They have a Renew-U tonic for cleansing the system which claims to promote liver function. A Glandular tonic call bladderwack to promote a healthy thyroid and increase metabolism and something called New Choice which is a tonic aimed at enhancing brain function.

This Herbalist Triple-Kit has ingredients from milk thistle, to dandelion root, to echinacea. This is not to say that just because it is all natural it is good for you, but it is nice to know you have all natural weight loss options when it comes to tonics on the market today.

– The Yerba Mate Weight Loss Tonic Option:

Yerba Mate, which I drink as a tea almost every day, also comes in an aggressive weight loss tonic form. The makers of one of these Yerba Mate tonics called Slim-Tonic Plus, claims that it will curb hunger and even thirst, while including other vitamins and minerals. It includes Yerba Mate as the main ingredient along with bladderwrack sea vegetable, dandelion root, hawthorn berry and more. This tonic, like most, requires a dosage of a few drops in the tongue every day.

– Other Weight Loss Tonics:

There are a few other tonics out on the market, one of which simply calls itself Diet and Weight Loss Tonic. It includes something called cassia nomame P.E., garcinia cambogia P.E., dandelion root (which we have seen before) and hawthorn berry (which we have seen before). This is similar to the tonic mentioned above minus the Yerba Mate. Of course more ingredients do not necessarily make a tonic better.

– The Weight Loss Tonic Conclusion:

Out of the three types of tonic remedies mentioned, it is obvious there are enough different types of weight loss tonics to choose. The weight loss tonic certainly may be a better option for those that like to keep it all natural and don’t want the wired feeling some weight loss pills provide.

I do want to stress that just because these ingredients are “all natural” it does not mean they are any safer then a diet pill. They may be safer, but the point is that you should always seek the guidance of a doctor before taking any new diet pill or tonic. That being said, the weight loss tonic certainly seems to have its advantages over other weight loss aids on the market today, if not just for its all natural approach to weight loss.

Good luck and happy dieting!