What are the Best Weight Loss Pills?

Which weight loss pills are the best? In our dreams of healthier and slimmer body we ask for a perfect solution to make it as fast and easy as it can be. And the quest for ideal weight loss pills will undoubtedly last for a long time.

We all know that a guaranteed way to become slim is eating healthy meals and do a lot of physical activity. Weight loss pills can help us in a short run, but we have to know how they work and how safe they are to our health.

We can divide all variety of weight loss pills into two major groups – prescription drugs and over the counter diet pills. So, which are the best pills?

Prescription pills – moderate effect and strong side effects

Prescription weight loss pills are clinically tested and proven to work as they claim. Let’s take Xenical – it claims to block up to 25% of fats from being absorbed by our intestines. Its action has been proved clinically so we know what we can expect.

But prescription pills are not the best choice as they have to strong side effects. When we take these drugs, our body is affected by unnatural chemicals and that is not good also. The same Xenical is also known to cause oily spotting, nausea and much more…

Natural weight loss pills – amazing claims but do they work?

Major problem with natural weight loss pills is that their claims are not often backed by medical studies. You can see promises of fantastic weight loss results like “eat what you want and still lose weight” or “the weight remains permanent” and the like…

Actually you cannot be sure if weight loss pill you get contains balanced mix of effective ingredients or useless placebo in a beautiful package. Fortunately, there are natural weight loss pills that passed clinical tests proving their weight loss efficacy, based on using scientifically researched components.

One of the best examples is Proactol that is medically proved to lower excess weight by binding up to 27 of dietary fats before digestion.

Another point of concern is so called herbal components. As you know, natural is not always safe, and there are weight loss pills that use potentially dangerous components. Ephedra or ma huang are still remain popular fat burners, despite FDA banned them in 2003 after several death cases resulted from using ephedra.

And now natural weight loss pills appear that are made of safe components mixed for maximum weight loss impact. You do not need prescription to use them and if your routines include healthy diet and physical activity, you will reach greater success with including weight loss pills to your weight loss program.

Final words…

Considering best weight loss pills – there is no sure answer. Both prescription and natural weight loss pills can be your best choice depending on different factors.

If you are obese and your health is at risk, and you have serious medical conditions, you better take prescription drugs under doctor’s control.

If you are overweight and wish to forget of unwanted pounds then probably the best weight loss pills are well known and natural weight loss pills from reputable brands that are clinically proven and medically tested.

Weight loss pills are very popular – whatever being said of them, weight loss pills do really help people lose weight and now more and more effective solutions hit on the market. Well, there may never be ideal weight loss pill, but if you really want to achieve your dreams of better and healthier body – you will achieve it!

Undoubted leader among natural weight loss pills in 2007 is Proactol – acknowledged by health professionals and customers as effective and safe weight loss pill. Since February 2007 thousands of people use it successfully along with good nutrition and exercising and achieve great weight loss. Daily Express UK even featured weight loss success with using Proactol where young woman went from 95 to 62 kg for several months.